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Your Success is Her Success

Katie's motto is "stop being a weenie" -  which speaks perfectly to her belief that anything can be accomplished with a little bravery.


Mission-Driven and ADHD Entrepreneurs work with Katie to get out of overwhelm and into a plan that actually fits. Because they've tried all the other business coaching programs. Up to now - nothing’s gotten them results.


Katie’s a straightforward business strategist and coach who believes in empowered decision-making over waiting for motivation to strike.


Clients come to her making less than $1000 a month and walk away knowing how to sign $18k + contracts on a consistent basis. 


Any goal can be reverse-engineered. That’s Katie’s big thing.  She revels in creating custom programs - programs to really get you there. 

With a background in B2C and B2B sales, Katie was trained in Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Development at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California. She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach).


She loves traveling, her goofy dog Luna, and celebrating clients' wins with good chocolate.

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Business coaching programs are a dime a dozen. They often give you a momentary glimpse of what could be. And it feels great...for that moment. 


But there’s a whole road after that - one that winds and creates new paths. 


A pre-fabricated coaching program can’t answer those nuanced needs.  There are a hundred daily things that it simply can’t address. And lots of so-called “help” that won’t apply to your situation.  


That’s why Katie’s business coaching programs are always built around YOU - the client - from the ground up. 


Business coaching according to a checklist - that’s not useful. Instead, Katie will be there with a custom plan in hand  - and a nice solid push. 


Stuff’s going to happen. A new level always brings new stuff with it. Success is about what you do with that unexpected stuff.  Katie’s the strategist, cheerleader, and sharp-eyed mentor on your shoulder that helps you persist and adapt toward your ideal life.

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