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Katie McManus Business Coaching Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?


I create business coaching programs for Heart-Centered Service Providers, Accidental Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creatives, Consultants...


Basically, anyone who wants to start a business doing work that they love while providing a service that makes a positive impact.

I'm going through coach training, and I’m not certified yet. Is it too early for me to start my coaching business?

No. Now is the perfect time for you to start your coaching business. Most independent certification programs require you to have paying clients while you work towards certification.

If you're going through the Co-Active Training Institute’s Coach Certification Program, then you'll be required to carry a minimum of 5 clients and do a total of 100 hours of coaching to pass.


The ICF (International Coach Federation) also has a minimum requirement of hours to achieve your ACC, PCC, and MCC.  So having paying clients is required to move ahead.

Also - Getting your certification can be expensive. You might as well pay it off as you go!

Can you be my certification coach?

No. While I am a trained and certified Professional CoActive Coach, I don’t stick strictly to the Co-Active style of coaching in my work.


I blend it with Business Strategy, Business Training, and Leadership Development. This will confuse the bejeezes out of you while going through your certification.

Also - I hate tracking hours so I haven't submitted for my PCC/MCC yet.

However, I’ll happily work with you in conjunction with your Certification Coach.

Do you guarantee that your clients will make a certain amount of money?

I can't. Like with any kind of coaching program, your success is dependent on you doing the work.

If you hired a diet coach, went to all your sessions, and then didn't make any changes to your diet or exercise routines, you wouldn't see a change on the scale. It's the same with business coaching. 

My clients usually start making back their investment by month 3 of working together - if not sooner. They walk away with the core skills required to grow their business to six figures and beyond. 

How much does it cost to work with you?

Depending on which business coaching program you sign up for, you can expect to invest anywhere from the a few hundred dollars to mid five-figures.


I have a digital course on Holistic Selling that's a great place to startt off if you're on a budget and need to learn how to make money now.


My group programs are designed to be accessible to those on a budget.


And my 1-1 programs are only for those who are ready to invest in their own success.


Book a call with me to find out more.

I have no idea how to market or sell my service. In fact, I don't really know what my service is. Do I need to know more about my business before I work with you?

Absolutely not! Most of my clients come to me having little to no idea what the details of their business are - or how to market and sell them.


We design your programs and services together and develop a marketing plan. Then I’ll train you on a Holistic Selling system that’s effective, based in integrity, and doesn't feel gross.

I'm not a coach. I'm an expert in something, and I want to build a consulting business. Do you work with consultants who are just starting out? 

Some of my most successful clients have been consultants! 


The cool thing about starting any kind of business is that the skills are mostly the same. It’s the strategy that differs a bit, and I'll customize your  strategy to your needs. Book a call to learn more.

I am not starting a business, but I would love to refer people to you- Do you have an affiliate program?


Some of my most successful clients were referrals from people in my community- and of course, I always appreciate them.

I haven't formalized a referral program, but I'll often give a free one hour session as a thank you to non-clients who refer me to someone to work with. 

Clients who refer to me will receive a thank you discount on their next program with me. 

I saw a live you did on LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram. I really loved it. Do you ever do keynote talks on those topics? How would I book you for that?

Yes, if I'm talking about it in a live then I absolutely have a keynote talk on it.


You'll want to book a call with me so we can talk about your needs for the event. We can clarify what part of my message you think your audience needs to hear. 

I’ve heard about the leadership training and business coaching you've done for companies.  Do you still do this? How can I find out more?

I absolutely still do leadership coaching and training. I just don't advertise it anymore- Rule #1 don't confuse your audience! 


Company and Executive Development make a HUGE impact on the world. It's where I first found success with my business coaching programs. Please book a call to find out more.

Have a question that's not addressed?

Email me at and I'll be happy to answer it

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