Maybe your Social Posts are just bad...

Maybe it's the algorithm or maybe your post is bad...😬

YES- The algorithm, time of your post, and hashtags you use, CAN affect how much engagement you get... But... as someone who posts a lot - good and bad- it's usually your copy that's to blame.

Bad writing doesn't get engagement. Period. Don't get upset- Writing one (or ten) bad posts doesn't make you a bad writer. It actually makes you quite normal.

So here are some tips as to why your posts may be tanking:

1. You reference things that people don't know about- If my brain has to work too hard to understand what you're saying then I'll keep scrolling.

2. Too much passive language- come on, just get to the point already! Scroll on!

3. You bury the most interesting part at the bottom of the post- give me a REASON to click "see more" to understand how you prove your point.

Now- I say this as someone who also fails at this sometimes- I'm not calling myself perfect by any means. But, I do know that blaming the algorithm for your lack of engagement won't help you change anything. If you're committed to blaming the algorithm then you're never going to look at your writing to see if you can improve it.

So, are you willing to look at your writing?

Photo by Elle Darcy

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