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Hybrid Business Coaching Programs

Are you starting a service-based business - Coaching, Consulting, etc.? 


If you have all the training to offer a service but none of the

know-how to make a business real, then this is the program for you.

You'll not only learn all the basics of starting and running a business, but you'll walk away with your premium offer launched and knowing how to fill your practice with ideal clients.

In this program you'll learn the ins and outs of:

  • Marketing - Exciting a sense of demand for your service

  • Selling - Signing high ticket clients without feeling salesy

  • Billing - Creating an airtight payment funnel

  • Branding - Cultivating an intriguing identity in the marketplace

  • Email Marketing - Creating desired, anticipated contact that converts

  • Social Media Strategy - Designing media campaigns that distinguish you

  • Designing an Offer - Fashioning premium offers that attract and satisfy clients 

  • Pricing Your Work - Pricing your services based on the transformation you offer


In Katie’s uniquely designed business coaching programs, she’ll create an individualized and wisdom-packed intensive for your business alone. 


You’ll have a solid foundation to build on and a deep understanding of marketing with impact and campaigning for growth.

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