The Pressure Free Profits Tour

The mission-driven entrepreneurs’ guide to filling your business with high-ticket clients (without being salesy).

April - December 2021

On a virtual stage near you!


Charge more, and get it.


How to promote yourself without feeling salesy or inauthentic.


Speak your clients' language.


Base your price on the transformation you offer.


Selling a high ticket offering can be simple, if you let it be.

There’s also the belief that making a lot of money would make you a greedy, selfish person and it was bad. So we suffer being underpaid because we’re ‘doing good for the world’.


When really, making more money allows us to have more influence in the world and far more than we would ever make going to pay check to paycheck. 


I am on a mission to show as many heart centred entrepreneurs that they can love what they do and get paid highly for it too. They can have it all. 


And that’s why I have come up with the “Pressure Free Profits Virtual Speaking Tour - Big impact and big profits for mission-driven entrepreneurs who hate sales.


From speaking to scores and scores of entrepreneurs over the years, the pressure that they put themselves under from needing to work harder so they can quit their day job, to needing to make as much money as they are in their day job is off the charts. 


Feeling like they’re failing when struggling to manage all the moving pieces and hating sales. It’s really high pressure. 


Not to mention not knowing how to get high paying clients. This is a killer for entrepreneurs especially when there’s a mindset of “helping underserved communities means I should not be paid well”...


Noooo….! This will kill your business and put you under way too much pressure. 


With this presentation I want to show entrepreneurs that any goal is achievable, and the big work they want to do in the world, they can be paid very well for and have a business model that supports that too. 


And finally see that there is a simple path to 6 figures and beyond where they don’t have to struggle to bring their big work in this world and that you can actually fall in love with sales. 


For me it all comes down to bravery - how brave are you willing to be to do what matters?


Stop waiting for the right time to jump, trust that when you do the net will find you, I promise.


Everyone deserves to make a living doing the work that they love. 


While also having a real impact on their world and enjoying their ideal life. 


Pressure free. 


The problem is most entrepreneurs put themselves under so much pressure in their businesses that few enjoy it, and even fewer make the money or the impact that’s possible. 


And that breaks my heart. 


I spent so much of my early career just being grateful for jobs that paid well but made me miserable. 


I remember it got so bad that every day before I went to work I would sit at my desk and write out eight circles on a blank sheet of paper.  And every hour that went by at work, I would color in one circle. 


And I remember constantly looking at my watch asking myself, 'Is it time to color in the next circle yet’?


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