The Pressure Free Profits Tour

The mission-driven entrepreneurs’ guide to filling your business with high-ticket clients (without being salesy).

April - December 2021

On a virtual stage near you!


Charge more, and get it.


How to promote yourself without feeling salesy or inauthentic.


Speak your clients' language.


Base your price on the transformation you offer.


Selling a high ticket offering can be simple, if you let it be.

Nooo! This is is too much pressure and it kills your business. 

This focus on pressuring suckers to achieve  success has left heart-centered entrepreneurs  with a painful decision:


Do I want to succeed? Or do I want to be a good person?


But there’s no need to put on a “sales mask” to sell. You don’t have to engage in high-pressure tactics to have high-ticket clients.


And that’s why I came up with the Pressure Free Profits Virtual Speaking Tour - The mission-driven entrepreneurs’ guide to filling your business with high-ticket clients (without being salesy). 


With this tour, I want to eliminate toxic sales coaching tools from your mindset. 


I want to show you entrepreneurs that the big work you want to do in the world can be very well paid.


I want to share the tools that can support your meaningful and measurable good work. 


And finally, I want to see you fall in love with sales. 


Yep. You heard me. In this tour I mean to make you fall madly in love with sales.


There’s a simple path to 6 figures and beyond. 


You don’t have to struggle to bring your big work authentically to the world.


You can succeed and help clients find the transformation they need. 


For me, it all comes down to bravery. Let’s start coaching for that.



Sales Coaching Tools for Your Pressure-Free Business


Look, we all want to make a living doing work we love.


We all want to make an impact.  We all want to be real and make the sale. Pressure-free. 


The problem is that most entrepreneurs put themselves under so much pressure in their businesses that few enjoy it.


Old ideas and cynical sales coaching have barred a lot of potentially great salespeople from success. 

From speaking to scores of entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve learned that the sales coaching out there has made people:


  • Work harder and harder to quit their day job

  • Feel pressured to make a lot of money by any means necessary

  • Question their integrity and values

  • Avoid the "compromises" of getting high-paying clients

  • Believe that helping others means a low payout

  • Haaaaaaate sales



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Business Coach and Strategist Katie McManus is going "on the road" to bring her brand of Brave Business Coaching to a wider audience.


She’s going to teach you to sell with your real voice, make a real difference, and make real profits. 


These are the kind of sales coaching tools you’ve been searching for. 

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