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Business Coaching Curious? 

Sample a little bravery by joining one of Katie’s open events. 

You can tune in for a free dose of her business strategies, authentic conversation, and that one-of-a-kind inspiration that’s just so Katie. 


Engage according to your own comfort level. 

Join the fun!


Every Friday at 8am PST / 11am EST

FREE group coaching and strategy call.


Show up and ask Katie any questions pertaining to growing or scaling your business. Every topic is welcome- from marketing struggles, getting paying clients, and dealing with your relationship with money...

You don’t need to be a member of Katie’s business coaching programs to join. This call is open to any entrepreneur who wants support.


Also- Participation is voluntary. If you're shy and just want to listen, that's welcome as well!

Registration is required though. Book your spot by clicking below.

For the ADHD-Preneur who needs to feel understood- and who wants to learn success strategies that work with their neurodivergence...

Listen to the Weeniecast wherever you do your podcast listening.


Katie shares about her own personal journey, and the tactics she works on with her ADHD clients.


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Events: Media


That’s right. It’s on the horizon!

Katie’s new book, The Authentic Business Owner: How to Get High Ticket Clients Without High Pressure Sales Tactics, is scheduled for release in... Well, as soon as she wrangles all the ADHD squirrels in her brain. 


Her brave business coaching style is on every page - tying together her bedrock ideas of authenticity and growth.


Learn to strategize for success while keeping your values intact. 


Stay tuned for more information of how you can purchase your advanced copy!

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