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With Katie McManus

Stop Being a Weenie and start your business already! 

Get over whatever's stopping you and create the business {and life} that you're excited to live.

If you're:

  • overwhelmed 

  • don't know how

  • think you can't do it

  • have cr@p relationship with money...Then you'll want to book a call to learn more

BUT...Brave Business Coaching is not for everyone. 

It’s only for you if you’re willing to learn, grow, face your roadblocks, and truly move forward.


You have to be willing to really move. 


Brave Business Coaching focuses on achieving freedom, scaling your impact, delivering more choices, and building a life worth living.  


What My Clients Say...


"Right away, Katie taught me how to structure my program and fees and in less than three months, I had my first couple of clients in my new structure. Now, I’m just a couple of months away from making my business my sole source of income! It’s not just a dream I have of ‘maybe’ doing this in a year or so. It’s a reality that’s come to life in less than six months."

-Lauren Lefkowitz, Coach



Where to start to create big impact?

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur. You want to build a business that supports your giant vision of life  - not one that consumes it


You want to make an impact - to create a business that matters.

You crave to do work that you deeply love. 

You want freedom and choice.


And, yeah, you want to make money.


So I’m curious. What’s been stopping you?


Is it a lack of know-how? A sense of overwhelm? A fear of failure? 

You know you're getting in your own way but you can't seem to move...

You need a plan forward. 

Katie’s brand of coaching is not like other pre-fabricated business coaching programs. It draws specific, user-friendly business strategies - broken down into small action steps you can take RIGHT NOW.


Katie’s innovative and adaptive coaching creates scaffolding that guides you into a ton of undiscovered options. Essential, momentum-building actions that will finally move the needle on your vision.


Brave business coaching is a generator of thrilling, lucrative, and important growth toward the business and life that you’re imagining.



You have a big, juicy vision of your ideal life.


You’ve written some ideas in a notebook, maybe you have a file of “Big Thoughts” cooling in your phone. 


But there’s so much to do. Where do you start? What’s the essential lever that will make things move. 


Your ideal life might seem overwhelming, completely out of reach. 


This is a totally normal feeling. But, for god’s sake, don’t base your whole trajectory on it. 

Let’s just strategize more effectively. 


There are a lot of business coaching companies out there, but take a minute and think about what those coaching services offer. It’s often a diluted executives program with some set-and-forget strategy. 


But you need something more nuanced from a coaching service - more dynamic and adaptive. Something meant FOR YOU.




She pushes you to decisive and essential change using your specific criteria and vision. 


From there she’ll co-create an action plan with you. One that fits your personality and workflow. This is YOUR LIFE you're designing after all.


Her approach to business coaching is to ask “what will work for this person?” It moves you past business-as-usual and holds you accountable - moving you forward toward the biggest goals you have. 

There’s a difference only you can make.

Talk with Katie. Start moving forward.



WIth a combination of coaching and business strategy we'll get you crystal clear  on what you want your life to be.  Then we'll design a business strategy that supports that lifestyle.

Because what’s the point of creating a business you'll want to escape from later?



I’m curious. By any chance have you downloaded a bunch of e-books? 

Have you bought a ton of online courses about how to start your business? 


Mm-hm. Yeah. Me too. 

I bought...all of them

None of it worked for me. Maybe it worked for someone else, but they never fit me right.

My guess is they don't feel right for you either.

So, my business coaching process isn’t pre-formatted. I don’t want to give you

arbitrary instructions to follow just because they worked for someone else.

It’s designed around discovering what works for YOU.


Business and life creation are dynamic processes.  They require attention to the

unexpected, discovery of unspoken goals,

and adaptability to each person’s mode of work. 

Dreams vary. Blind spots shift. 


So my business coaching program is about,

first, fashioning a future you really want.

Then we connect the dots between

here and there. The plans get clearly stated.

Each step is doable - if a little scary at first. 

Don’t worry. I’ll be there. 


At every level up, you’re going to have

new questions, new ideas.

Things that, from here, you can't see.

So the process will have to adapt

and move forward again. 


That’s what success looks like. 

That’s how you get there. 

Let’s start with a call.

pexels-eneida-nieves-1112598 (1).jpg


Goal setting in business coaching often gets done according to metrics that don’t mean as much as they’re “supposed to.”


So, before your coaching kicks off, we’ll need to get CRYSTAL clear on what you really want.


What do you want to create in your life?


Once we know what you’re building towards, we can break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly action steps that actually get you there.

You’ll also get clear on your blocks - what’s holding you back. You’ll deal with them now. So they stop getting in your way. 


Once you have clarity, we can start strategizing.


Together, we’ll develop a custom plan that’s aspirational enough to get you excited and actionable enough to deflect any overwhelm. 


My coaching strategy isn’t about lecturing. It’s built around YOU - what you like, what your edge is. And it’s designed to get you to your goals.



Once you figure out what you want and make a plan to get there, it’s easy to get stalled in the actual doing.

Having me there to coach you through the ride will keep you accountable. This is a game-changer that gets you to your ideal life faster.

When building your business gets confusing or tough, you’ll have me - your strategist and your coach - to support and empower you through it. 



The Brave Business Coaching model is ...well, not to have a model.


So that’s a tough one to answer here.

I have a few different ways to work with me. Tap the link below to learn more


But look - do you really need business coaching? 

I can’t answer that for you. 

I’ll just say this. You can keep living the life you have, or you can start creating the life you want. 

It’s 100% up to you.​

The easiest option is to keep what you have now… 


But if you want to create a life that you love,

where you have the freedom to design

your ideal lifestyle  -  then, yeah, you need  Brave Business Coaching.

That’ll be an investment of

time, energy, and money

The question is, how much do you want it? 



"I believe that with the right strategy, you can do the work you love and create the lifestyle you desire… If you stop being a weenie about it."

I coach Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who want to create a business that supports their ideal lifestyle - without sacrificing their freedom, stable income, and sanity.

I’m trained in Co-Active Coaching and Leadership and am a Certified Scrum Master. I had a “great” career in the world of Sales and Marketing - before I walked out and created the life I really wanted.

I blend my expertise in business, coaching, sales, and marketing, to create custom strategies. Then I inject it all with a healthy dose of “get it done” accountability.

I believe that the only things that get in the way of you achieving your dreams are: 

  • Fear of failure

  • A poor relationship with money

  • An unclear idea of what Success is for YOU, not for everyone else

  • Generally being a weenie


This is business coaching for more than just business. 

I’m ready to coach you toward the life you really want. Are you?



Every Friday I host a FREE group

Being Brave Call, over Zoom.


Bring any challenges you're having

in your business, money story, or mindset. 


Or, just show up and listen and learn from others. 

Click the link below to register!

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